Our 24/5 program is currently under review. Here are some questions we’ve already received. If you would like to make comments or ask questions, please ask here:  https://oregonstate.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_9S6KkwrwKmReD6B


1. What do we mean by limited library services?

  • B&W Printing
  • Study Space
  • On Demand Checkout of Library Items
    • Course Reserves
    • Laptops
    • Chargers
    • More

2. Why did you change the hours in the middle of the term?

The overnight shift (11pm – 7am) was staffed with a skeleton crew, particularly in the extreme early morning hours (2am – 6am).  The full-time staff member who supervised this shift left to pursue other opportunities, and we had to respond quickly.

In an ideal situation, we would not make big changes in the middle of a term.  The timing is really hard for us and really hard for you.  We know this causes a disruption for everyone else.  In this case, we had to respond to a situation that came up suddenly. 

3. Is this change permanent?

Probably not.  However, there will probably be changes to the program. We do not want to end up in the same situation again!

Any shift with only one staff member scheduled is risky. If that staff member even gets a bad flu it is very hard to arrange our remaining staff to fill the gap without opening up holes during other shifts.   

We are working on this problem with a group of interested stakeholders, including students with the goal of identifying sustainable ways to provide needed services to the OSU community 24/5

4. What type of information will we consider before making decisions about 24/5?

We have a lot of data about the number of people (but not about any specific people) who use the library between 2am and 6am. We also have data about the different services and collections that are used.  We will also look at information in our digital comment box about the change, and we have been running a survey in the overnight hours since last spring to better understand which services are most essential.  We will look at the availability of services on campus.

5. So it’s not just about how many people are using the library?

No, it’s not. That would be the easiest way to decide but we need to consider a more complicated set of variables including the impact on you. This is why your specific feedback is critical.


6. There is a new printer in the Java II area? Does that mean that you have decided to make the change to Java II permanent?

No, we are still working on figuring out the best permanent solution for overnight access.  However, it is clear that printing is one of the services that is in demand during the overnight hours, so we have come up with this solution (a mobile printing station) to meet that need while we do our planning work.

7. Where should I go to find out more?

We will continue to update this FAQ as decisions are made.

8. How can I share my opinions and ideas?

You can leave a comment in our digital comment box