The National Audubon Society has a new article on their website about the efforts of OSU Libraries’ Special Collections and Archives Research Center and the Oregon Historical Society to create an online collection of the photographs, manuscripts and other documents of pioneering bird photographers and conservationists William Finley, Irene Finley and Herman T. Bohlman.

The Audubon article is entitled “These Century-Old Photos Inspired Some of the West's First Bird Refuges: From early conservation ‘selfies’ to close-up shots of nesting birds, the images are curated from a vast new digital archive.”

The online article is accompanied by 14 large and amazing photographs taken between 1902 and 1926 by the Finleys and Bohlman.

See the Audubon article and accompanying photos at

The Oregon Historical Society’s Davies Family Research Library and the OSU Libraries’ Special Collections and Archives Research Center worked together to make more than 40 years of photographs, manuscripts, publications, correspondence and other materials created by the Finleys and Bohlman easily available to everyone.

The online digital collection created by OSU Libraries and the Oregon Historical Society includes 6,500 photographs and 8,600 pages of manuscript material. The photographs include Finley and Bohlman trips to Malheur Lake, the Klamath Lakes, and Three Arch Rocks on the Oregon Coast  and these photographs played a key role in President Theodore Roosevelt’s decision to create wildlife refuges at those locations.

The photographs of Oregon birds  and of the Finleys and Bohlman as they seek close-up photos of birds  are striking and of extremely high quality considering the equipment of the time and the challenging locations where they were shooting. To view the complete online collection of photos and other materials by the Finleys and Bohlman, visit



Posted - July 12, 2018