Access thousands of films through Kanopy

 What is Kanopy? Kanopy is a streaming video resource with a collection of more than 26,000 films from leading producers on almost every subject imaginable, including award-winning documentaries, training films and theatrical releases. Kanopy is now available to OSU students, faculty and staff due to the joint support of OSU Libraries and Ecampus. Kanopy’s website makes it easy to watch, share and discuss films across campus. Check it out at For info on how students, student groups and faculty can use Kanopy, see below.

What Movies Are Available?

Criterion Collection Movies: More than 400 movies selected by Criterion Films.

International Films: More than 450 films in 30 languages.

Documentaries: 3,200 documentaries, including from PBS and New Day Films.

Arts: More than 3,000 films on architecture, dance, design, fashion, music, photography and other arts.

Business: Case studies, career development, business skills, economics, globalization and other business topics.

Education: Films on teacher education development and education documentaries.

Global studies and languages: Includes African studies, Asian studies, ESL and languages, European/Baltic studies, Indigenous studies, Latin American studies, Middle Eastern studies, North American studies and more.

Health: Including child health, medicine, mental health, sports and fitness and more.

Instructional films and lessons: Films on food technology, health and safety, library and information management and more.

Media and Communications: Includes films on advertising, journalism, marketing, media studies
and public relations.

Sciences: Covers the gamut of science from agriculture to veterinary medicine.

Social Sciences: Including anthropology, gender studies, history, politics, religion and sociology.

Kanopy Tools

Create a user account: With a user account, you can create playlists or clips.

Share a movie or playlist: Copy and paste links to individual movies or playlists or embed a video into Canvas.

Transcripts and closed captions for a movie: For the small number of movies without closed captions/transcripts, a request for captioning is usually completed with 48 hours.

Student Use


While you can't embed a Kanopy video into PowerPoint, you can include a link to the video or clip.

1. Simply copy the film link into the Powerpoint, or

2. Paste an image relevant to the film into Powerpoint and then paste the direct film link behind the image so that clicking on the image will open the film. To do this:

       Add the image to PowerPoint.

       Right-click (on Windows OS computers) the selected text or image, then click Hyperlink. The Insert Hyperlink dialog box will appear.

       On the left side of the dialog box, click Existing File or Webpage.

       Click the drop-down arrow to browse for your file.

       Select the desired file.

       Click OK.

Campus Groups


Viewing Kanopy films in a group forum is permitted as long as the viewing is by authorized viewers and it is not for commercial benefit (no admission costs are charged and no profit is made from the screening).

As long as there is sufficient Internet access, videos can be projected onto a large screen with minimal disruption to resolution.

Faculty Use


OSU LIbraries' subscription to Kanopy movies includes broad educational access. You can:

       Create a playlist of required or suggested movies to share with classes.

       Create a clip or set of clips to be embedded in Canvas or linked in your syllabus.

       Show movies or clips from movies in the classroom.





Posted - January 30, 2019