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Water Conflict and Cooperation Bibliography

International River Basins

Interest in the issue of water conflict and cooperation is increasing around the world. In order to provide access to the current literature on the topic in a searchable format, the Transboundary Freshwater Dispute Database has developed this Water Conflict and Cooperation Bibliography.

Based originally on the bibliography compiled for Beach, H. et. al. Transboundary Freshwater Disupte Resolution: Theory, Practice and Annotated References. (Tokyo and New York: United Nations University Press, 2000.) the current version now has over 2100 entries, spanning the years between 1947 and 2009, and provides entries from books, journal and magazine articles, conference proceedings, and institutional reports. Abstracts are provided when available.

This database is a work in progress, and we welcome comments and additional citations. Please contact Aaron Wolf with comments about the entries in the database or with new literature citations.

For questions concerning the functional operation of the database, contact Jennifer Veilleux.