To aid in COVID-19 response and the critical shortage of protective masks for nurses, doctors and other frontline health care workers, staff of the Valley Library are using the library’s 3-D printers to print several different styles of masks. According to the library’s Kristin Swetland, we’re using four of our printers, and sometimes all five when there are no other jobs to print. Both mask styles have small parts and large parts to print, so we’re able to efficiently use the machines according to size. About 50 protective masks have been printed as of April 9.

The project of utilizing 3-D printers in the area to create protective masks was initiated by Neftali Pizano, Director of Primary Care Operations for Samaritan Health Services in Albany, which is connected to Samaritan Albany General Hospital. OSU Libraries is very happy to pitch in and help the cause. The library’s Kristin has been coordinating with Samaritan’s Pizano to figure out the details for printing the masks. The actual printing work has been done primarily by two student workers at the Valley Library, Isaiah McGuire and Daniel Lee.

A Reminder

Every single one of us has an important role in stopping the spread of this highly contagious and dangerous virus. So stay home, practice social distancing, wear some kind of mask when you do need to go out to buy necessities, wash your hands, and do your part to avoid becoming a carrier and victim of COVID-19. Help flatten the curve and help out our dedicated health care providers, because we’re all in this together.

Posted - April 10, 2020