To all of you working so hard to move instruction online:

In this time of rapid change, the library is still here to support you with our robust suite of digital services. OSU Libraries will continue to offer course reserves, provide research support, and work to acquire the materials that you need for teaching and research.

The links to the left of the OSU Libraries COVID-19 Guide at will get you to all of these services, and more.

As we respond to requests, we'll be prioritizing our work in this way:

  1. We will try and secure licensed, digital copies of books and articles first;
  2. In alignment with Fair Use, we will scan print materials; and
  3. We will find and share open materials where they're available.

Please use the Purchase Request form at for all purchase requests and for all Course Reserves-related requests.

A few constraints:

  • Some titles are not available to us as Ebooks (even if there are Kindle versions available).
  • When we acquire Ebooks, we try and secure licenses that will allow multiple users to use the book at the same time.
  • Staffing shortages may affect how quickly we can get a new book to appear in the catalog.
  • Requests will be processed in the order received.
  • If we cannot get an Ebook, we will work with you to scan content from the print version to get you through the quarter.

Be aware:

To do our work, we rely heavily on a global network of information providers, including publishers and partner libraries. It is inevitable that this developing global crisis will affect this network. We will do our very best to get the information that you need. We are working at capacity to meet these needs — but we know there will be delays that we cannot control. When that happens, we may reach out to you to talk about alternatives.

Posted - March 25, 2020