OSU Libraries is pleased to announce the winners of the 3rd annual Visualize Your Bibliography Competition. This contest invites graduate students to creatively display at least 20 sources from their thesis, dissertation or other long-term project. 

The selection committee this year was fortunate enough to see an array of exciting, innovative entries from departments across our campus — from interactive data maps to an academic scholar family tree to baked desserts. The Visualize Your Bibliography contest is a welcome reminder that, regardless of academic interest or discipline, there is potential for a wide range of creativity and interdisciplinarity in representing and showcasing inquiry and research.

We are extremely proud of our winners and hope you will join us in congratulating them. The first-place winner received $750, the second-place winner received $500, and the third-place winner received $250.

Ashley Hann of the Marine Resource Management program was the first-place winner in this year’s contest. This project, entitled “Connections in Environmental Justice,” is a stunning mixed-media art piece representative of Hann’s research on the teeming ecosystems present beneath the surface of Antarctica’s western peninsula. 

Gabs James, our second-place winner, is an MAIS student in Queer Studies, Adult and Higher Education, and College Student Services Administration. James shared an ethereal 4D art piece that quite literally overlays academic research in trans embodiment, queer theory, gender theory, critical race theory and student development theory over clothing. James’ work celebrates the fluidity and joy in trans expression and experience.

Our third-place winner was Bryan Lynn from Integrative Biology. Lynn baked a delicious-looking midnight chocolate cake to portray the research process of studying cooperation in a chemostat, a laboratory device for the continual culturing of bacteria. The cake’s decorations included a bookshelf containing authors from Lynn’s bibliography with images of the bacteria used in the study, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, decorating the back.

Thank you as to all who participated and shared their work and research process in this year’s contest. All competition entries are displayed virtually on the OSU Libraries website. View the full gallery at beav.es/grad-competition.

Posted - May 19, 2021