Are you open to working with consultants based outside of Oregon?

Yes! We welcome proposals from across the U.S. and Canada.

Who are the primary stakeholders? Who do you envision participating in this process?

The primary stakeholders are OSU Libraries employees. An organizational chart (pdf link) outlines our structure and our staff directory shares links to various departments. 

Do you have an anticipated start date?

We anticipate starting in mid-July, 2020.

Given the pandemic, do you have flexibility with the length of time allotted for completion of all deliverables?

(Recognizing the stated 6 months with an option to renew).
We recognize the need to be flexible. We will check in regularly with the consultant to evaluate how the work is progressing, whether there are circumstances that affect timely completion, and whether a change in the timeline is needed. 

Are you comfortable implementing this work virtually or do you anticipate holding off some of the work until people are back in the office?

Given the pandemic, we have become comfortable working virtually and anticipate doing, at a minimum, some of this work online. We know that travel, requirements to heed distancing measures, individual health considerations, and other unknowns will ask for flexibility with this work occurs. 

Given your previous experience with consultants, what characteristics do you value in a consultant?

In addition to the values expressed in the RFP (commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion and to collaborative processes), we value consultants who appreciate the roles cultural heritage organizations like libraries and archives play in a democratic society and in particular in the lives of college students, faculty, and researchers.

What facilitation styles have you found valuable in the past?

A style that relies on reflective practices, collaborative input on decisions, that relies on clear processes matches our current cultural landscape.  

In addition to background materials, will the consultant have access to data collected from previous efforts (e.g.,climate surveys)?

Yes, climate surveys, strategic plans, and other background context setting materials will be provided. Some content, such as Assessment, Impact Report, Strategic Plan, etc. is found linked off of the OSU Libraries Administration page.