OSU Libraries and Press strongly condemns racist rhetoric and acts of harassment, intimidation, microaggressions, and verbal and physical attacks against the Asian, Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. We stand in solidarity with our Asian, Asian American and Pacific Islander community members and against anti-Asian discrimination and misogyny. The AAPI community should not be subjected to violence, harassment or bigotry. We see these recent killings in Atlanta as a hate crime against the AAPI women and the community as a whole and know that it is not an isolated event.  

We stand against those locally, nationally and globally who have seized this moment to spread racist and xenophobic ideas and to foster racist division or ethnic scapegoating. Our support is with the Asian, Asian American and Pacific Island communities as we work to end systemic racism and to enact our call to action issued in the wake of racist violence in 2019.      

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Posted - March 31, 2021