OSU Libraries' Home Delivery FAQ

How does Home Delivery work?

Here’s the basic workflow:

  • You use 1Search to request a book from our collection.
  • We look for a licensed ebook version to purchase.If that works, we email you when it is available.
  • If that doesn’t work, we will mail the print copy of the book directly to you. When we add the request to our system, it will generate an email asking you to approve or edit your delivery address.

How do I make a request?

Use 1Search on the Libraries' home page to make a request.  Follow the prompts to 1) request OSU's copy, and 2) select Home Delivery.

How do I return my items? 

Please don’t!  At least, don’t yet.  They are automatically checked out to you for the entire term.  We are asking that you keep your items until we get the all clear to open our buildings again.

Can I use Home Delivery to request a laptop or calculator?

We are home delivering laptops and calculators, but the workflow is a little different.  We are partnering with some other units on campus to make more devices available to you.  Fill out this form at HSRC to start the process:


Can I use Home Delivery to request a book on course reserve?

No.  As you know, Course Reserves books are intended to be used by everyone in your class, so we can’t send them to one person for the full term.  We are working hard to make as many course reserves as possible available digitally.  To find out more about course reserves for your course go to this webpage:


Can I use Home Delivery to borrow a book from other libraries (Summit or ILL)?

We will deliver ILL books to you, but because these networks are unstable right now, we’re making that a last resort. Summit has unfortunately suspended service at this time.  Interlibrary Loan is still available, but many of the libraries we normally work with are not lending materials.  So, if you make a request for a book we do not own, we will: 1) try to buy an ebook; 2) try to buy a print copy; and 3) try and borrow the book from another library only when #1 and #2 do not work.

How do I check/change my address?

Once we retrieve the book from our shelves and add the delivery to our system, that system will automatically send you an email asking you to confirm or edit the mailing address that we have for you.  If you want to check on the email address we have for you, use the My Account link on the library homepage, and check the Personal Details tab.

Can’t I just come to the library and pick it up?

No. We know that for some people who are still in Corvallis this may seem like the easiest option.  But we are trying very hard to limit the number of contact points for materials, and to limit the number of people who need to work on campus. This is the best way to keep our users and our employees safer.

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Posted - April 03, 2020