Elizabeth Nielsen and Chris Petersen, two librarians in the Special Collections and Archives Research Center at the Valley Library, are winners of university awards for 2016. They will be honored along with others at the University Day celebration on September 19. 

Elizabeth Nielsen is the winner of the OSU Professional Faculty Excellence Award, and Chris Petersen is the winner of the Outstanding Faculty Research Assistant Award. Their work epitomizes many core values of OSU Libraries and Press. 

“Elizabeth Nielsen's twenty-five years of service to OSU have been consistently exceptional,” according to Larry Landis, Director of the Special Collections and Archives Research Center at the Valley Library. “For many years, she has coordinated the Special Collections and Archives Research Center's work with making collections ready for researcher use. Within that scope, she has mentored and worked with many student assistants, providing them with meaningful experiential learning opportunities. More recently, she worked with campus partners to create a new university records retention policy and schedule. A colleague in the Orbis Cascade Alliance characterized Elizabeth as ‘unafraid to work hard’ and ‘genuinely innovative.’” 

“I am humbled and honored to receive this recognition,” acknowledged Elizabeth Nielsen. “My colleagues in the Special Collections and Archives Research Center and the OSU Libraries and Press are fabulous and, in my view, the best on campus. Their encouragement and collaboration are integral to my accomplishments. My deep thanks to Larry Landis for the nomination and to those who wrote letters of support.” 

“Chris Petersen has engaged in a broad range of work activities during his time with the OSU Libraries and Press,” notes Larry Landis, “from serving as co-editor of the six-volume work, ‘The Pauling Catalogue — Ava Helen and Linus Pauling Papers at Oregon State University’ to managing the recent OSU Sesquicentennial Oral History Project. Two qualities have been consistent throughout all of his work: professionalism and innovation.” 

Says Chris Petersen about the award: “It’s very gratifying to have my work acknowledged with this award. OSU has been a wonderful place to build a career, and I’ve been fortunate to collaborate with some truly outstanding colleagues in pursuing a number of really interesting projects. Working here also happens to be a lot of fun, so I feel doubly blessed to find myself where I am. To say that Oregon State has played a significant role in my life would be a vast understatement, and I look forward to doing what I can to advance its ambitions in the years to come.” 

Posted - September 08, 2016