Why are we changing the access model for Kanopy streaming content?

Due to necessary budget reductions for this fiscal year, OSU Libraries and Press (OSULP) renegotiated a new “Smart PDA” access model with Kanopy streaming video.  We do not have the budget to allow for full, unmediated access to all the Kanopy content as we’ve done in the past. 

When will this update happen?

Beginning Monday, August 3, 2020, the new plan will be in place until the end of June 2021. The plan will allow us to make small modifications during the year to content that we make mediated or unmediated to help support keeping costs within budget.

What does the new access model provide?

Working with Kanopy consultants, we established a curated list of titles that will be immediately available to view, a list of titles that will have mediated access (you will need to request that we make the title available), and a list of titles that will not be found on the Kanopy platform either due to expected low need/use or because we have the content available on another viewing platform.

If I don’t find the title I need, what are my options?

As always, if you need access to content to support your teaching, research, or learning, and you don’t find immediate access available through our existing library platforms, you can fill out a purchase request form at https://library.oregonstate.edu/purchase-request.  We also have a robust interlibrary loan service for individuals looking for books, book chapters, articles, etc. at https://library.oregonstate.edu/ill.

Why can’t I find the movie I know is available through Kanopy in 1Search (library online catalog)?

Due to the curation process of the Kanopy content, and our ability to change the curated lists throughout the year, we are unable to maintain and update the 26,000 plus records in our library system. We will be adding streaming video content that we lease for one or three years, or own in perpetuity into 1Search to support discovery of that content.

What other streaming video options does OSU Libraries have available?

We also have access to streaming videos through other platforms/vendors. 


Posted - July 31, 2020