An alternate borrower, sometimes called a proxy user, is someone who is authorized to borrow materials on behalf of another person. This accommodation is sometimes used for a short time (for example, when someone is quarantining) or an extended one (for example, when someone has a caregiver who performs errands for them). Researchers who have a research assistant commonly designate them as an alternate borrower. 

Alternate borrowers are unable to make changes to your account and you are financially responsible for all material checked out by them, including Interlibrary Loan and Summit materials. To remove an alternate borrower from your account, contact the Circulation Desk at

How to Request This Service

Alternate borrowers can only be authorized by the account holder. To set up this service, submit this form along with photo ID to the front desk of the library or email a copy of the completed form to from your OSU email account or the email account you provided to the library for contact.

How to Pick up Material

  1. The alternate borrower will tell Borrowing & Information Desk staff that they are checking out materials as an alternate borrower for [patron name].
  2. The alternate borrower will swipe their own OSU ID or library card, and the Borrowing & Information Desk staff will check materials out to the patron account for whom they are an alternate borrower.

If you have any questions, please contact the Valley Library Borrowing & Information desk at: (541) 737-3331 or