The bicycle policies at OSU Libraries are defined by Oregon State University Bicycle Regulations. Campus regulations dictate that bicyclists shall comply with city ordinances regarding bicycle use, and that "students, staff, or faculty should be registered with the Department of Public Safety." - paragraph 5.10.1, standard 07-025.

"Bicycles may be parked, stored, or left only in areas so designated by bicycle racks, signage, or storage." - paragraph 5.10.6, standard 07-025.

"Bicycles parked at bicycle racks at or near academic or research buildings longer than five (5) days will be considered abandoned and may be impounded." - paragraph 5.10.7, standard 07-025.

"Bicycles users may be cited for: (e) Being parked in buildings except in designated bicycle rooms." - paragraph 5.10.8, standard 07-025.