Using BitTorrent for Large Datasets

The dataset you have requested from ScholarsArchive@OSU is particularly large, so a normal web download is prone to download failures and slow delivery. In order to make large datasets available in a way that ensure that your requested data will be delivered to you in a way that reduces the impact on servers and the network, we have chosen to distribute large datasets using the BitTorrent protocol. BitTorrent, in essence, splits the file into smaller pieces, distributes the smaller pieces to you, and then reconstructs them to recreate the whole - all in a way that reduces impact on our computer networks. In addition, each “piece” of the file carries a marker that helps verify the validity and integrity of the final file. 

The link to the file you seek is actually a link to the torrent file for the dataset. This torrent file can be loaded to a torrent client, at which point the process of retrieving and reconstructing the dataset will commence. The download will take some time, but large data is hard to move - go grab some coffee, or set this running when you leave the office for the night. 

We recommend uTorrent as a torrent client, but any client will do.


Screen Capture of uTorrent


Screen Capture of uTorrent with .torrent file processing