The Nishihara Family Classroom and Naming History

Learn about the Nishihara Family connection to OSU Libraries

Usage Guidelines for The Nishihara Family Classroom (Valley 2024)

Only OSU Libraries personnel may reserve this space. Please read the information below before requesting this room to avoid scheduling problems.

Reservation Guidelines and Priorities

Reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis, following these guidelines:

  • Highest priority is given to library instruction.
  • OSU Libraries personnel may use the space for special events, presentations, or meetings however they may be asked to relinquish the space if an instruction need arises.
  • When the room is not being used, students may use the space for their studying.

Placing Reservations

Requests are filled based on availability and priority use guidelines. Check availability using the OSU Outlook Calendar and submit a Classroom Reservation Form to schedule the room. If there is a conflict between you and another person, converse with the original scheduler about any options for resolving the conflict.

Canceling Reservations

If you need to cancel or reschedule, please do so as soon as possible.

Using the Rooms

  • The person who reserves the room is responsible for the equipment, furniture, and physical space during the time that the room has been scheduled.
  • Please do not use the classroom longer than your allotted time.
  • Refer to the Classroom Technology Guide to learn how to use the classroom technology.
  • If you have questions about or trouble with the projection equipment, contact Presentation support by calling 7-3806. OSU’s Classroom Technology Services supports the presentation equipment.
  • If you experience trouble with the computer during class, please call the pager 7-8989. Dave Manela supports this computer. To report problems outside of your room use, do so by using the “broken equipment” option on the LIT Contact Form.
  • If you have not used the equipment before or need a refresher, please email Jane Nichols to request an orientation.

Leaving the Classroom

  • Shut down the computer and projection equipment.
  • Return all furniture to the original configuration.
  • Wipe off tables and chairs if they are dirty.