Sustainability is a core value at the Valley Library. By their very nature, libraries embody sustainable practices in the sharing of materials, resources and spaces among community members. Since the Valley Library is a popular destination and heavily used space, it produces a significant amount of waste - waste that does not all have to go to the landfill. This is why the Valley Library composting and recycling program is so important. The library offers successful waste collection, paper recycling and bottle/can recycling. The Valley Library depends on you and other communicty members to correctly sort waste to ensured continued composting and recycling success.

The New Composting Policy

We no longer accept non-fiber based materials in our compost bins in accordance with a policy change on campus. This means that we no longer accept any "compostable" cups, plates, or utensils in our bins (no exceptions). We will ONLY be accepting food, food soiled napkins, and pizza boxes in the compost bins. Please throw all other non-recyclable material into the landfill bin. 

Shows the bins located on the second (main) floor of the Valley Library

More information on where our compost goes

Pizza box composting kiosk slide