The Emerging Technologies & Services Department provides strategic leadership in technology services. In alignment with OSU Libraries & Press’ mission, the department empowers OSU and the public to find and use information in support of exploration, discovery and knowledge creation. ETS maintains an evolving, robust and flexible technological infrastructure and provides responsive customer support.


ETS serves as the cornerstone of technological innovation, exploration, and collaboration at OSU Libraries & Press. We adapt and implement technologies that contribute to the evolution of the educational and scholarly landscape.


Name Position email phone
Margaret Mellinger Department Head
margaret.mellinger@oregonstate.edu (541) 737-9642
David Manela

IT Consultant

Primary Duties: Maintaining publicly accessible computers in the library.

david.manela@oregonstate.edu (541) 737-9307
Ryan Ordway

Systems Administrator

Primary Duties: Manage OSU Libraries' servers and infrastructure.

ryan.ordway@oregonstate.edu (541) 737-8972
Marc Rempel

Programmer/GIS Analyst

Primary Duties: Web development for the Oregon Explorer.

marc.rempel@oregonstate.edu (541) 737-4744
Ryan Wick Analyst Programmer ryan.wick@oregonstate.edu  
Gregorio Luis Ramirez Analyst Programmer gregorio.luisramirez@oregonstate.edu (541) 737-2075
Brandon Straley Analyst Programmer brandon.straley@oregonstate.edu (541) 737-1311
Kenna Warsinske Web Developer  kenna.warsinske@oregonstate.edu (541) 737-0904
Beth Shields
Library Technology Unit Manager
beth.shields@oregonstate.edu (541) 737-9331
Hui Zhang  Digital Applications Librarian  hui.zhang@oregonstate.edu  (541) 737-8233
Sarah Imholt Library Technician III - Metadata Technician sarah.imholt@oregonstate.edu (541) 737-9155
Christa Wright Operating System Network Analyst 1 christa.wright@oregonstate.edu (541) 737-8972