Welcome back to Valley Library! This winter term, the Valley Library will be hiding a toy goat somewhere within the building; his name is Kidder and we're hoping you'll help us find him before he gets into too much trouble.

Find Kidder the goat each week at the Valley Library to be entered into a weekly GOAT-approved snack raffle! 

Follow these steps:
1. Follow the weekly clue Monday on @valleylibraryor @OSUValleyLib on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter
2. Find Kidder, take his picture, post it, tag it #ValleyLibGOAT
3. When you tag us, we'll enter your name into a snack raffle for the week. Winners will be announced Friday
4. You can also show the picture to folks at the Info. Desk to get a free goat button (there'll be new ones every week!)
5. Win the snack raffle and/or try again next week!

We'll post a hint every Monday, a cool goat pic every Wednesday, & the hidden goat locations every Friday when we announce the snack winners.

Posted - January 25, 2023