What is the Library Advisory Council?

Philanthropic support of committed individuals and organizations is essential for OSU Libraries and Press to achieve its mission. The Library Advisory Council or the LAC is the principal volunteer leadership group for OSU Libraries and Press. It is comprised of distinguished OSU alumni and friends who are committed to the mission and vision of the Libraries and the Press.

Tell me more about the LAC's history.

The Library Advisory Council met for the first time in February 2003, having been established by former University Librarian Karyle Butcher. Among its first members were David Barnekoff, Tad Reynales,Brent Dalrymple, Tom Niebergall, John Byrne,Jean Roth, Joan Griffis, and Georgeann Casey. Since 2006, the Council has supported the Libraries Undergraduate Research Award through participation on the evaluation committee and through their donations. Individual members have also provided lasting support for OSU Libraries and Press through the establishment of endowments such as the Barnekoff Collection Fund and the Niebergall Family Fund.

How do Council members support the Libraries and Press?

Council members make a difference for OSU faculty and students through their meaningful engagement with the leadership at OSU Libraries and Press and through the significant relationships they build with fellow Council members, library and press staff, and other core supporters of the OSU Libraries and Press. Council members work closely with Faye Chadwell, University Librarian and OSU Press Director, as well as Mike Moran, Director of Development for Scholarships and University Initiatives and our development officer. The LAC helps to guide our development strategy and increase our visibility. The Council also provides input regarding our strategic initiatives and they assist in fundraising for our programs to benefit OSU students and faculty.

What are the benefits of Council participation?

Benefits of active LAC membership include

  • the chance to help OSU Libraries and Press be the model for innovation and service for other libraries and presses to emulate;
  • the opportunity to have a great impact on the academic lives of both students and faculty;
  • the chance at every Council meeting to hear directly from students about the impact we have on their academic success. Members also learn about the ongoing progress toward the goals of the Libraries and Press and offer feedback.
  • ongoing engagement with faculty and students to create and sustain services, collections, and programs with lasting benefits for the OSU campus and the State of Oregon.

What are the expectations for members?

Members of the LAC serve a term of three years. They attend two meetings a year, typically scheduled in the fall for Corvallis and the spring for Portland, depending on availability of members. Members also make a commitment of $5000 a year for at least three years or an equivalent pledge.

How can I get involved?

OSU Libraries and Press welcomes your insight on how we can best fulfill our mission and transform our fundraising priorities into reality. Please contact Don Frier, Assistant to the University Librarian, if you’d like to attend the next Library Advisory Council meeting scheduled for Wednesday, October 23, 2014 in Corvallis.

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