Chalk Markings and Graffiti


In order to provide a welcoming, safe, and academic environment for all patrons and to reduce cleaning costs associated with the removal of messages, markings and graffiti, including those made with chalk, are not permitted. The university recognizes and supports the rights of free expression and speech. It is the purpose of these regulations to balance the free speech rights of non-OSU groups/individuals with the significant interests OSU has in preserving its limited space and employee resources for OSU needs. No speech activities shall unreasonably disrupt regular or authorized activities in University facilities and on grounds.  

Use of chalk as a speech activity in the Library Quadrangle is generally permitted except: 

  • On buildings, structures, or staircases
  • Within the library courtyard, which is the paved area outside the library's main entrance
  • In spaces that have been reserved by OSU groups for OSU events

Library Courtyards

So as to not impede access to or from the Valley Library, tables, chairs and tents are not permitted on the library courtyard. Individuals and groups may not impede access to the building or courtyard, per OSU Standard 576-005.

Library Quad

Use of the Library Quad is governed by Oregon State University Standard 576-005, Time Manner, and Place Rules for Speech Activities. Please note that OSU Standard 576-005 does limit the size of tables, carts, booths and similar structures.

Smoke-Free OSU

OSU Libraries supports OSU’s policy on smoking, OAR Chapter 576, Division 040, which promotes clean air by banning smoking on all of campus. Visit OSU's Smoke-Free page for more information.