Requesting from Branch Libraries or Storage

OSU material located at our branch libraries (Guin/HMSC and OSU Cascades/COCC), or in storage are requested directly from the library catalog using the "request" button on the catalog record for the item you need.

Information to Include in Your Request

When making a request, include as much citation information about the item as possible, because incomplete citation information can result in a delay of processing and even cancellation of your request.

For books, include the author, title, publisher, and date of publication. Including the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) for book requests expedites the process.

For articles, include the name of the journal/conference proceedings, volume/issue number, date, pages, author, and title of the article. Including the ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) for article requests expedites the process.

Additional notes or citation information can be put in the Notes field of the electronic request forms.

If you are experiencing difficulties in locating complete citation information, please contact the Information desk for immediate assistance or a librarian in your given subject area.

Special Circumstances

There is a "notes" field on the request form for helpful comments or additional information you want to provide such as "item is lost," "found in a certain database," "need video only," etc.