The purpose of the Oregon State University Libraries and Press is to cultivate superior scholarship and creativity, empower discovery, and preserve and disseminate knowledge for Oregon State University and residences of the state of Oregon.  Learner success, scholarly excellence, and community engagement require free and unrestricted access to information to a wide spectrum of viewpoints and theories. OSULP will strive to guarantee open access of information to the best of our ability so all students, faculty, staff, and our community can be granted privacy of inquiry, confidentiality, and no fear of censure or examination.

OSULP endorses the policy statements on intellectual freedom, privacy of inquiry, and confidentiality of library records promoted by the American Library Association and set forth in the following documents:
OSU professional and academic faculty are also governed by the OSU Faculty Handbook, and should refer to the sections “Statement on Academic Freedom” and “Statement of Faculty Responsibilities" on the Academic Freedom Faculty Appointments page.
Challenges to materials available in our collection, or to any OSULP policy, shall be made to the University Librarian or her designee.  Requests from law enforcement and requests for information made via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) shall be immediately directed to the University Librarian and the OSU Office of General Counsel.
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