At OSU Libraries and Press, we are committed to providing our student workers and interns more than just a paycheck. We offer students the opportunity to grow intellectually and professionally by not only learning new skills, but also by sharing our core values.

So whether you are thinking about graduate school in your future or starting a career after commencement, give yourself an edge by working in The Valley Library today.

Student Worker Positions

Check out Student Employment Program for the current openings for students.


OSU Libraries and Press also has a number of paid internship positions throughout the year. These internships vary tremendously in length and responsibilities but all offer exceptional learning opportunities.

Gaining insights into how to provide great service, work collaboratively, think innovatively, and value sustainability will contribute to improved academic success and help you succeed after graduation. You can learn more about our paid undergraduate internship possibilities or by contacting Libraries and Press Internship Coordinator, Hui Zhang

The Special Collections and Archives Research Center also offers internships. Click here for more information.