Students, faculty, and staff can check out laptops from Information and Borrowing

Borrowing Laptops



  • Installed Software
  • Loan for 1 week
  • Laptop types: Dell Latitude and HP Chromebook
  • Laptop bag includes laptop and charger. Computer mice may be borrowed separately.
  • Laptops may be taken out of the library as long as long as you log on once before leaving campus. All laptops can connect to non-OSU wifi networks.
  • Staff will erase user content when the laptop is returned. Note: When you sign out of a Chromebook it will automatically wipe all local data including settings.
  • For laptop availability, please see our Loanable Equipment page. 
1 Week Laptops  
Dell Latitude & HP Chromebook  
Automatic renewals if no one is waiting  
If there are none available, you can request one.
Hold shelf time: 3 days
Check Availability and Request Online:
Dell Lattitude HP Chromebook
Check Availability:
HP Chromebook

Important note about logging in and leaving campus:

    • Dell Latitude: Log in to the laptop using your ONID account before leaving campus. You can turn off the laptop and leave campus with it as long as you have first logged in while connected to the OSU wireless network.
    • HP Chromebook: Log in to the laptop using your full Oregon State email: Chromebooks can leave campus and do not have to be on the OSU wifi to log in (but we do recommend that you log in before leaving campus wifi).

Checkout of laptops implies agreement with the following statement:

"I agree to pay all costs associated with damage to this laptop computer and its peripheral equipment, or its replacement costs should it be lost or stolen during my use. I understand that the replacement cost for this laptop computer is between $700 and $1,600 (depending on the laptop type)."

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