Items lost in the library may be reclaimed at the Circulation desk.     

Unclaimed items valued at more than $100, or items containing personal information, are collected by the Department of Public Safety (DPS) each week.  These items include phones, wallets, laptops, passports, driver’s licenses, and USBs. All unclaimed keys (personal and OSU) are also sent to DPS each week, and then distributed to the key shop if necessary. Check at Circulation first (541-737-7254 or, then contact DPS at 541-737-3010 to inquire about your item.      

OSU keys may be routed to the key shop after we send them on to the Department of Public Safety.  You may contact the key shop at 541-737-3565.

Unclaimed OSU IDs are taken to the ID Center in the Memorial Union (room 103) most weekdays.  You may contact them at 541-737-2493.

Other unclaimed items (such as water bottles, notebooks, shoes, and umbrellas) are removed to campus recycling weekly.  Check with the Circulation desk first (541) 737-7254 or and then you may contact