Instruction and Digital Initiatives Librarian & Professor at the Valley Library, Laurie Bridges has been awarded $300 to enable Laurie and her international partners to cover the cost of a two-year subscription to (to include the domain name and email to host a Wordpress site for #EveryBookItsReader).

Per Laurie’s application:

#EveryBookItsReader was launched last year as a volunteer effort to promote adding and editing books during the month of April in many languages across Wikimedia Projects, including Wikipedia and Wikidata. The project was more successful than anticipated (particularly in Latin America). But, it is challenging to organize and promote a program via the Wikimedia platform. Therefore, we would like to have a designated domain and WordPress site that we could all easily edit from our locations (and translate with ease). [See:]

The Robert Lundeen Library Faculty Development Award is an important gift to OSULP that has supported innovative and exemplary library faculty project work for many years. The Lundeen Award was established in 2003 by Bob Lundeen, former member of the Libraries’ Advisory Council, and it supports meaningful faculty development through the pursuit of scholarship or through professional capacity building. A committed supporter of his alma mater, Bob Lundeen was employed most of his career at Dow Chemical where he eventually became the chairman of the board. He also was the CEO and board chair of Tektronix. In addition to this award, Bob and his wife Betty established a number of scholarships to benefit Oregon State University students. When Mr. Lundeen passed away in late 2017, OSULP received an additional boost to the existing endowment which means we are able to extend the number and/or amounts of awards as appropriate.

OSULP faculty interested in applying for Lundeen funding may submit their proposals at any time. Applications will be reviewed as they are received.

The 2023-2024 Lundeen Award Committee: Rachel Lilley (Chair), Beth Shields, Hui Zhang, Adam Lindsley, Taylor Ralph, & Hannah Rempel


Posted - February 22, 2024