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I began doing the Flower Studies seven years ago when I wanted an appropriate subject for platinum printing. Georgia O'Keefe, who had always been one of my heroes, was famous for her flower studies. Both stationary and beautiful, flowers were the obvious choice. Their static quality allowed me to make a proper negative. Their sensual curves and tonality enchanted me.

Within the last year the flower studies have developed into a regional project. I have been photographing a private garden in Sherwood, Oregon. It had long been my intention to do a photographic study of native leaves and flowers from that place. Using medium and large format cameras has allowed for richer detail. Printing onto platinum paper has emphasized the timeless quality of the native forms. Compositionally the Oregon Garden images have a sensual and classic feel, much like the Flower Studies before them.

Artist: Susan Seubert

Medium: Print (Platinum Print)

Dimensions: 14″ × 11″

Location: 2 floor, #36 on the map

Series: Flower Studies