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Textiles have always fascinated me. Vintage cloth, torn, tattered and threadbare, quilts, old cloths, coverlets; these cloths each tell their own story. They suggest dreams: dreams of their maker and of their wearer. These cloths are personal, provocative. I approach the making of a tapestry in the same way. My tapestries are personal, narrative and symbolic. Modern Antiquities of a sort.

Crease is the second tapestry in a large series called "Seams & Fissures". Each tapestry personifies an aspect of our humanness. Crease is about the hands; about the hand-made vs. the machine-made. In essence, it is about being a tapestry maker at the end of the 20th century.

Artist: Shelley Socolofsky

Medium: Tapestry (Gobelin Tapestry)

Dimensions: 3.5′ × 7′

Location: 5 floor, #106 on the map