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I am usually not thinking so much about a finished work, but am inspired, accepting and mystified by the process of creating it.

What inspires me is the outcome of materials at hand and their relationship to each other. Also the willingness to be spontaneous, and the compulsion to make something that expresses my own life's experience as well as reflect to the viewer the dynamics and emotion of their spirit.

I choose materials that in combination create a surface of texture, color, and depth. Aluminum and copper are my canvas. The use of various chemicals, enamels, pastels and anything that makes a mark or adds atmosphere are my primary "tools of the trade."

The rest is trusting my intuition, having faith in the possibilities, and a knowingness of when to quit.

Artist: Thomas Anderson

Medium: Mixed (Mixed on Aluminum)

Dimensions: 60″ × 48.5″

Location: 4 floor, #83 on the map