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Initially I approached the subject of phobias wanting to make images that were haunting and at the same time investigate the psychological aspects of fear. What I discovered through the process of researching and making pictures is there exists well documented cases of many different and quite specific types of fears ranging from allumiphobia, fear of garlic, to zephyraphobia, fear of bridges. I was intrigued by the nature of these fears, how something like Homophobia can be so widespread and accepted but Limonophobia, fear of string, could be seen as unacceptable even thought the psychology behind each of these fears is the same. What I attempted to do with the series was to illustrated that all fears are identical in their nature and simply differ based on individual experience.

Artist: Susan Seubert

Medium: Print (Platinum Print)

Dimensions: 14″ × 11″

Location: 2 floor, #48 on the map