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Looking back at my development I feel I have come full circle with my initial interest in images of still life to create my own form of artistic creation. I have consistently searched for a psychological edge or emotional meaning in these images. I find enormous force from familiar objects that trigger personal reminiscence on a conscious and unconscious level. My arrangements of objects are extremely contrived in a desire for aesthetic quality and emotional charge, which can be heightened by the association of seemingly disconnected objects juxtaposed. A quote from Gaston Bachelard states my sentiments well, "Representation becomes nothing but a body of expression with which to communicate our own images to others. Ultimately they are best comprehended as artifacts of a personal reminiscence and like a Proustian sweet, each has the potential to open a door onto another person's reflections and half forgotten memories."

Artist: Sherrie Wolf

Medium: Watercolor

Dimensions: 23″ × 30″

Location: 4 floor, #80 on the map