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This painting's title comes from a musical term which describes a musical piece intended for an instrument, usually to show off technique. It comes from Toccare, to touch in Italian, as opposed to Cantore, to sing. Of course paintings are made by touching the brush or knife to the surface, which is evident in this painting. Here are two similar shapes, one curling up at the end and tilted in space and the other, just off a true vertical, which is slightly dimensional looking. They echo each other and are surrounded by a painterly swimming background like the accompaniment for two themes. The leaf shape implies a backdrop of forest or maybe watery green pools, although basically this is an abstract painting with harmonic overtones of nature.

Artist: Lucinda Parker

Medium: Acrylic (Acrylic on Canvas)

Dimensions: 49″ × 45″

Location: 3 floor, #72 on the map