An Oregonian, I was born in Eugene and raised on a small ranch on High Prairie, north of Oakridge, Or., where I still reside. My interest in photography was historically sparked by Uncles on both sides of my family who shared their photography and travels with me.

At about 14, I began taking my own photos with a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye box camera. Though retired I still have that Brownie camera today. At the age of 20, I purchased my first 35mm TTL camera, upgrading to Canon 35mm equipment a few years later. Recently I acquired a Bronia ETR 6×4.5 medium format camera which I'm currently using for all photographs being enlarged to 16" × 20" or larger. I shoot with 24, 40, 50, 70-210 zoom, 250 telephoto, and 100mm macro lenses. My favorites being the 24mm (Canon) and 40mm (Bronica). My favorite subjects are landscapes/seascapes but macro and architectural subjects can be fascinating, and nighttime scenes a challenge.

Having had very little technical training or classroom time on the subject of photography, I would classify myself as a self taught photographer, and find outdoor photography challenging and interesting due to its constant change.