Just before fall term 2023, the Valley Library hosted a Game Nite to welcome students back to campus. Students enjoyed a selection of board games from the Library as well as games brought by our partners in the OSU Gaming Club. But board games were not the only options: across the library folks played D&D as lead by Mark Wynn from INTO OSU and piled into the Nishihara Family Classroom to take part in a Smash Bros tournament. The event had a little something for everyone, including a button-making and collage table run by student worker Ella Stout in the Kow Lounge. OSU Gaming even pitched in with their craftiness as members Chris and Sophie taught folks how to paint minis.Larry Landis, Former OSU SCARC head, donated apples and pears from his orchard, OSU Catering brought beverages, American Dream delivered pizzas, and Beth Filar-Williams provided extra snacks from Costco.
Our community partners, the Corvallis-Benton County Public Library, hosted an information and giveaway table, and even took part in some VR Beat Saber in the Autzen Classroom.Game Nite was a success. Not only were OSU students engaged, but folks from nearly every department in the library came out to support the event. Zach Wellhouse, Online Learning Librarian, has continuously worked to make every Game Nite somehow better than the last. His enthusiasm and drive inspires more engagement within the OSU community and we look forward to future Game Nites.Check out Valley Library social media or the OSU Events page to hear about the next Game Nite!

Posted - November 14, 2023