Individual research rooms are available for a 90-day loan period to all faculty and to doctoral students who are within six months of taking their qualifying exam or if they have completed it.

  • Faculty can call, email, or request a room at the Circulation Desk, with no letter or authorization needed.
  • Doctoral students need to provide a letter on OSU letterhead (example) from their department advisor confirming their scheduled exam or completion to qualify for a research room. Bring the letter to the Circulation Desk or email it.

Once you have received an email that a research room is available, the key card may be picked up at the Circulation Desk. Each 90-day research room is equipped with a table, chair, shelves and a cork board. Wireless access is available in all rooms.


  • Rooms must be used at least 8 times per 30 day period or the user will forfeit rights to the room. Usage will be checked twice per month.
  • The library is not responsible for personal belongings left in a research room.
  • For safety, electrical appliances are not allowed in the room.
  • Please check out all library materials that will be kept in the room. Do not leave public use equipment such as white boards in the room overnight.
  • Keep doors clear of any covering or obstruction, including white boards. Please don’t put anything on the wall that creates a hole or leaves residue. Damage charges will apply if necessary.
  • To ensure compliance with these policies, rooms will be inspected regularly. If violations are severe, you may be asked to give up the room.
  • Rooms are in high demand, so renewal is based on availability.

Circulation Desk