The Oregon State University Libraries follow Oregon state law, which exempts libraries from public disclosure of “the records of a library, including (a) circulation records, showing use of specific library material by a named person; (b) the name of a library patron together with the address or telephone number of the patron; and (c) the electronic mail address of a patron" ORS 192.355 (23).

OSU Libraries treat patron information as strictly confidential to the extent permitted by law. It is generally for the use of library staff only; it can, of course, be divulged to the patron. Unless required by law, patron information is not to be given to non-library individuals, including parents, friends, professors, university administrators, police, FBI, university security staff, or the CIA. The Dean of Libraries is responsible for compliance with legal obligations and court orders.

Permission to Release Student Education Records

Students may allow the release of their library information to specific persons by completing a Permission to Release Student Library Records form. OSU Libraries will maintain this disclosure authorization with the records of the above student, as long as the specific records disclosed are maintained by OSU according to its Records Retention Schedule. The release will expire one year from the date of signing unless an earlier date is specified.

Questions? Contact the Library Experience and Access Department Head at (541)737-7278.