Library Administration

University Librarian and OSU Press Director
Faye A. Chadwell, 541-737-7300

  • Associate University Librarian for Research and Scholarly Communication
  • Associate University Librarian for Learning Services
    Anne-Marie Deitering, 541-737-4667
  • Marketing and Communications Manager
    Daniel Moret, 541-737-4412
  • Executive Assistant
    Don Frier, 541-737-4633
    • Administrative Assistant to the AULs
      Lise Hull, 541-737-3394
  • Building and Space Coordinator
    Rachel Burgess, 541-737-8914
  • Gray Family Chair for Innovative Library Services
  • Assessment Librarian
    Brooke Robertshaw, 541-737-1780

Teaching & Engagement Department (TED)

Department Head
Jane Nichols, 541-737-7269

Emerging Technologies and Services (ETS)

Department Head
Margaret Mellinger, 541-737-9642

Library Experience & Access Department (LEAD)

Department Head
Beth Filar-Williams, 541-737-2156

Resource Acquisition & Sharing Department (RAS)

Kerri Goergen-Doll, 541-737-7256

Special Collections and Archives Research Center (SCARC)

Larry Landis, 541-737-0540

Guin Library

Director of Guin Library
Mary Markland, 541-867-0108

  • Library Technician III
    Julie Drengson 541-867-0162
  • Library Technician III
    Katie Bowler 541-867-0161

OSU Press

Press Director
Tom Booth, 503-796-0547

  • Editoral, Design, and Production Manager
    Micki Reaman, 541-737-4620
  • Acquisitions Editor
    Kim Hogeland, 541-737-3873
  • Marketing Manager
    Marty Brown, 541-737-3866

Cascades Campus

Library Technician III

Alyssa Clements, 541-322-2079