Willamette room diagram

The East and West Willamette rooms are connected by a soundproof, retractable wall and are available for use separately or together.

  • OSU faculty, staff, and student groups may reserve the classroom once per term for university business.
  • Each side 8 tables, at least 29 chairs (cannot all fit at tables), a wireless connection, and is set up for projection and sound.
  • Catered events are allowed only when noted on the room reservation form. Please check the website for library hours
  • Willamette East Seminar Room has audio and camera technology that can connect with Zoom.
  • If you are using it for the first time, you must request an orientation to the room when making your reservation request.

More information:

Location: 3rd floor of the Valley Library, room 3622

Willamette room with divider closedWillamette room - full room with divider open