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These paintings all form from images and objects that attract me. Once that spark has been made, the painting flows and culminates into its own world. Very few paintings are pre-planned compositions and are therefore complicated for me to explain in detail. The painting is finished when it forms itself through transitions in color, mood and texture. I want to say it is finished when the painting matches the images in my head, but I believe it is more of a feeling I get from the piece than a replica of a preconceived composition. When it is complete, it is an environment that I would love to see in real life. The objects which sparked the inspiration are often together in a space where it seems quirky or odd. I don't dispute that, and see it upon completion much like you do. As a result, the paintings seem to form their own dialogue and history to validate why such a scene is taking place. I love this part and I form my own explanations for these odd scenes. Because viewers have their own story for each painting, it begins to seem that I did not create it, but took a picture of something I saw and was merely a witness to the scene.

Artist: Tyson Grumm

Medium: Acrylic (Acrylic on Paper)

Location: 5 floor, #105 on the map