Databases, online journals, ebooks, and other electronic resources are made available by OSU Libraries to the OSU community.  These products are licensed to be used in support of research and teaching at Oregon State University.

The licenses specify who can use the resources and how they may be used. The providers of these products may suspend access for the entire OSU community if the terms of the license are violated. Though each license is different, the following information applies to the majority of resources licensed at OSU.

Who may use the library resources?

The user community typically includes:

  • Students, faculty and staff currently affiliated with OSU and who also have a valid ONID (see “What is an ONID?” for more information)
  • “Walk-in” or “on-site” users of the library resources conducting personal or educational research while at an OSU library terminal.
  • ONID holders who need online library services can request access. Please be aware that requesting access does not equal granting access. 
  • Request Access

Terms of use

Users may not:

  • Systematically or programmatically download content from electronic resources. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Downloading entire journal issues
    • Using scripts, spiders, crawlers, or other computer programs to automatically download content
  • Remove, obscure, or modify copyright notices
  • Use the materials for commercial purposes

Users are encouraged to:

  • Download and store individual articles, chapters, and search results for their own educational and research needs
  • Incorporate links to articles and other content from course pages and other sites as long as the access is restricted to other OSU users
  • Use portions of the licensed materials, in agreement with fair use, in the process of scholarly communication activities such as writing (for publication, theses, course projects, etc.) as long as appropriate acknowledgement is given.

For questions, please contact library electronic resources