Donations of Books and Other Printed Materials

OSU Libraries is no longer able to accept donations of printed books, journals and other materials. This policy reflects the need to repurpose library space to support individual and group study and is a result of the high cost of sorting, reviewing and processing donated materials. There are two exceptions to this policy:

1. The OSU Libraries welcomes gifts of books written by OSU faculty that are not currently in our general collection, and these books can be sent to the Director of Collections, Kerri Goergen-Doll,

2. Materials that enhance our unique holdings in Special Collections and Archives will continue to be accepted. The OSU Libraries reviews offers of unique or rare books, personal papers and collections in a separate process conducted by faculty in the Special Collections and Archives department of the library. Materials accepted through that process will be made available for use through that department. See their gift guidelines and policies at or contact their office by email at

Monetary Gifts

Although OSU Libraries does not accept unsolicited or anonymous material gifts for the general collection, monetary gifts are very welcome. If you are considering making a monetary gift, please visit

Other Options for Donating Books

If you are interested in donating your textbooks and other course materials please checkout the HSRC

An option for OSU employees and students is to donate books, journals and other printed publications to OSU Surplus Property. Call 541-737-7347 or use the pickup request webpage at

Here are donation alternatives for everyone (not an exhaustive list):