OSU Libraries and Press Book Club

In 2011, Dr. P.M. Forni was the guest speaker at the 2010-2011 Leadership Academy Program in Corvallis. Those from the OSU Libraries that attended found the presentation to be thought provoking and asked that the conversation around civility continue in the library.

Faye Chadwell, Donald And Delpha Campbell University Librarian and OSU Press Director, decided that an informal book club would read and discuss Dr. Forni’s book "The Civility Solution". The book club met a total of three times. Twice we were fortunate to have discussions facilitated by Dr. Larry Roper, Vice Provost for Student Affairs. The final meeting of the book club generated many ideas on how we in the library could remind library users that we expect civil behavior in our academic settings.

From the book club discussions, a committee was formed to help move ideas for the civility campaign forward. More details about civility campaign events can be found to the right.