OSU Libraries and Press Civility Feedback

  • Gwil Evans-has referred several people to the website and all have praised the content and presentation.
  • I am a member of a cohort of 25 social work graduate students in a Portland State University distance program. I live, and will work upon graduation, here in Corvallis. Our cohort and professors have been so impressed with the "Choose Civility" lapel buttons. We have collected each one in the series. Collectively we have worn them at our agencies and jobs in our hometowns from Roseburg to Portland and beyond. We have looked forward to each new message in the series. The simple messages are positive and inspiring. We have enjoyed knowing that they were created by one student and printed in-house by OSU. What an impressive effort for positive behaviors in the world! Thank you for supporting and inspiring those around you. - Linda Henderson
  • I had some friends that are old alumni that had let me know they really liked the cover and the article. One was my old calculus teacher who I love hearing from. :)Terry Reese
  • I LOVE the artwork on the cover. I saw the buttons in Vancouver but had no idea where the idea originated. I actually took photos of the different buttons and would like to implement something similar here to highlight the values we embrace as an organization. Thank you for sharing more information (and your success!) with these buttons. Nicely done! Lorraine Haricombe-University of Kansas
  • I saw a student with an “acknowledge other” button on her backpack while on the bus yesterday – very crowded bus! Also saw a student get up to offer her seat to an older gentleman (not same student but I hardly ever see this and I was delighted.
  • Thank you for the speedy, generous loan of these books! We had a great conversation at our book club, specifically about what we as middle managers can do to create a civil workplace. We are going to recommend that upper management read as well. We were struck by how ‘strident’ the author is sometimes. I think the best comment was ‘civility requires a backbone’ and we vowed to speak up more, both for our patrons and colleagues but also for ourselves. Thanks so much for loaning us these books. My city colleagues were amazed by the deep relationships libraries have with each other (they were fascinated by Interlibrary Loan) Abigail Elder, Tualatin Public Library
  • We were informed that high school students at CHS are wearing our buttons on their backpacks. Apparently, the students come over to Valley to do different projects and picked them up then. It lifted my spirits to hear that the students were actually coming to the Valley library and picking up the buttons on their own. The fact that they were displaying them at school was just icing on top!!